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UTAS-15 Tact Shotgun, MPA 9mm Pistol and Top Referral Contest, 4 Major Prizes in All
Shooter Auctions is Giving Away a UTAS-15 Tactical 15+1 Shotgun as the GRAND PRIZE for this contest. The competition for referrals is very tight between several people. The person who reaches 100 referrals first will receive a Ruger LC9. (This prize has been won, thank you! The winner will be announced at the end of the contest) I have added the final prize for the total number of referrals as counted with the referral code you rec'd from the admistrator (you do not need a new referral code). The prize for most referrals was picked with thought and significance; Our Goal is still 5000 likes and we believe that is attainable but only with your help. The prize package for such a feat includes a Fury Defender 2 Flash Light A Tactical Back Pack, A Daniel Defense Knife AND a Smith & Wesson Military& Police Compact .40 Cal w/ 2 10rd mags; We added these to show our extreme appreciation for going that extra mile and helping us reach our goal in our small networked community and we wanted it to really be something that reflected that work. In the event that we do not reach 5000 new likes and entries on the our home page, the referral Grand Prize will loose the S&W M&PC 40 Cal but maintain everything else. Thank You. A 2nd place prize is a donated MPA 9mm 30rd pistol. 10 consolation winners will receive special "Shooter Auction" Nike Polo's with size of individual choosing; Pink for Ladies, White for Men. Our Goal is 5000 new likes and if the giveaway ends on the day that happens at 12 noon; or 11/04 whichever comes first..

Please follow the entry directions in the rules section. All entries must register on to fully comply with entry and be counted in the referral grand prize and also take advantage of free bids. During the entry process you will be asked to "allow FaceBook to post on your behalf"; you must allow this due to security changes in FaceBook Policy which will allow you to get the extra entries in the contest.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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