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Defensive Concepts has been around for a few years now and we've trained a large number of people. Every so often we get people that ask us about the history of the company, the backgrounds of the instructors, etc. While we do have background info on our website; I figured I'd make a few posts that might provide a bit more information about the company and the instructors so people could learn a bit more about us.

Without further ado.............

Defensive Concepts North Carolina was started in 2005 by Paul, Steve, and someone no longer involved with the company for the purpose of teaching the NC CCH permit course. While owning and operating DCNC, Steve and Paul were also working as instructors for a TN-based firearms company. It was through this company that I met those two and was asked to come out and start shooting with them on the weekends since we were all from the same region.

After spending a while with them on the range, I was asked to come out and provide a "LEO's perspective" during their cch classes. While this was under way, I would speak with the owners of DCNC about offering additional courses since there was so much experience within the company. Eventually they listed to me and began to offer other courses. From there I was brought on as an instructor and eventually one of the founding partners left the company. I took his place as part owner several years ago.

Over the years the material we teach has evolved as we have been exposed to new material, pressure tested various techniques, and done some hard evaluation of things we had been teaching. This results in classes that are never the exact same. While the material stays basically the same, we constantly strive to find better ways to present the material to students and will often try new drills, and new twists on proven drills, in order to get the information out. And we must be doing something right... we have a large number of repeat students. ;bd

Our student base has always been comprised mainly of what we like to call "the concerned citizen". This is the person that has a normal 9-5 job and is looking for ways to best protect him/herself and their families in the event they are attacked. In fact, most of our courses are targeted toward this group.

While we are capable of teaching law enforcement or military only courses; we have only done a few of these. Our typical interaction with LE/mil students comes through people that take part in our open enrollment courses. Over the years we've had patrol and SWAT officers, regular infantrymen, and members of various special operations units take part in our courses.


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Now lets take a look at the instructors. First up is Steve:

A Radiology Engineer in Charlotte, NC. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, in which he served as an Infantryman. He has been an avid shooter and has strived to expand existing skills by seeking additional tactics training. Steve has attended multiple pistol and rifle courses, and has attended Firearms Instructor Development Courses. Steve has had many hours of tactical firearms training from James Yeager, Greg "Sully" Sullivan, Larry Vickers, and Bill Gallagher. Steve is part owner and an Instructor for Defensive Concepts North Carolina. He is a former Firearms Instructor for a nationally recognized training firm and has trained numerous Military and Law Enforcement personnel and civilians in the United States and Canada.

Steve's instructor credentials include:

North Carolina State Certified Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
SWAT and Advanced SWAT trained
Certified M16/M4 Armorer

Steve also took part in a National Geographic special on security contractors.


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And finally Chris's bio:

A Law Enforcement professional employed by a large metropolitan agency in North Carolina. Chris currently engages in urban surveillance and serves high risk search warrants as a part of his current duty assignment. Over the past decade, Chris has conducted several hundred dynamic search warrants services and vehicle takedowns. In addition to these duties, Chris currently teaches defensive tactics and building searching techniques to in-service and recruit members of his agency.

He is also a veteran of the US Army where he worked as an Airborne Infantryman with duty assignments in the 82nd Abn Div and 1st Inf Div.

Chris's firearms training includes multiple pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses taught by a variety of instructors and organizations to include: Larry Vickers, Ken Hackathorn, Bill Jeans, Kyle DeFoor, Scott Reitz, Pat Rogers, Paul Howe, US Training Center and the Surefire Institute. Chris also has an extensive martial arts background that spans over 14 years. In addition to rankings in several different systems, Chris has experience in Brazilian JiuJitsu, police defensive tactics and military combatives.

Chris's instructor certifications include:

North Carolina Law Enforcement General Instructor
North Carolina Subject Control/Arrest Tactics Instructor
North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructor
Close Quarters Battle Instructor
SureFire and Team One Network Low-Light/Laser Instructor
Armor Holdings OC/Pepperspray Instructor
NRA Rifle
NRA Pistol
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
NRA Law Enforcement Handgun
NRA Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle
NRA Law Enforcement Shotgun
Empty-Hand, Knife, Stick, and Gun Disciplines from the Scientific Fighting Congress

Chris was one of the first instructors chosen to be a part of Larry Vickers "Vickers Shooting Method" program.

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