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Please keep threads to their appropriate forums!

Hey folks.. We have specific sections now. The mods have spent much time building them/moving threads and creating these for the forum.

They include
Rimfire/22 section

Military section(THIS MEANS ANYTHING MILITARY INSPIRED, mp15-22s, Mosins, AK47 magazines, FALS whatever..)

Shotgun section.

Lots of people sporadically posting threads in the wrong section.

Asking now that you keep them to the correct section. It is the reason we have it because it helps folks who have questions about these firearms more easily find an answer due to it all being in one spot instead of sifting through Ruger 10/22s or a Turkey shotgun in the longgun section.

It took much work and discussion to get these sections created.

This is good for you because more people will view your thread if its in a section for that type of firearm!

So please.. Help the forum out and post in the right section.

Thank You
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.