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Where do you guys hunt? Deer,Turkey,Bear whatever. Where do you do so at? I live in Raleigh,NC and moved here from LaGrange NC. No one in my family has been a hunter so starting out as a college student trying to hunt is difficult. I've taken the class but haven't updated them to hunt this year yet because I figure unless I I go hunting then it's a waist to keep buying tags.I've been trying to get into hunting for the better part of a year and a half and the hard part is finding the location to do so. I'm trying to take a deer, turkey, goose whatever. If it takes a shotgun to hunt such as small game or birds it I'll have to go pick up an 870 from Walmart. But unless I know where to go I won't be buying anything. I'm sure someone here can help with all the great guys here. Thanks.
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well one way is to take a drive, stop in and talk to some people that have lots of land in rural areas, farmers and such.....strike up a conversation, be honest with them what you are wanting to do. Maybe ask if they have issues with coyotes. Many do have an issue with them. Probably welcome a safe person to their land to hunt for coyote. Good start in hunting. If you can kill a coyote, you pretty much would think deer hunting is a walk in the park.

Its like anything else, rule of seven. Ask someone to buy something (or to hunt) you will get 6 no answers and 1 yes.

You can always offer to trade a set amount of work in exchange for hunting privileges.
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