S&W 66 no dash 4" pinned and recessed for sale.
I bought this off gunbroker back in the summer to replace my 66 that I traded years ago [Traded it to a member back on the older forum for a beater Datsun B210 because I was a broke 20 something and needed a vehicle. A year later I messaged him asking if I could buy the gun back and he said he sold it to a guy who he lost the contact info for. If you happen to have or know who has a 66 with the serial 4K5062 (it will also have "SCW&MRD" (South Carolina Wildlife & Marine Resources Division) stamped on the left side of the frame PLEASE contact me because I want it back and would do anything to make a deal happen].

Anyway, this just isn't my old 66. I honestly believe the barrel has been turned back because of the close cylinder gap and the barrel ridges are very slightly off with the ones on the frame. I just want to disclose that because I've always tried to be honest with a sale if I know something is off. However, I fired around 40 rounds of mostly 38's and a few 357's and this gun is very accurate, a bit more than my 686 is and I'm assuming it's due to the tight cylinder gap. Gun functioned fine, no binding, cases ejected freely. Grips are not original for the time period, stamped Mar 25 1984 which I know isn't right as by then they were atleast into the 66-2 models but they are in great shape. I'm selling this one because I just found a boxed 66-1 that's still pinned and recessed and was manufacted the year I was born. So until I locate my old one I mentioned above, that will be the one I'm hanging onto.

Selling for $800. Taking a bit of a loss as I paid $1200 for this one. All laws followed (DL/permit or copy of CCW) can meet anywhere in Wake County.