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Work Bench / Table Organization? Post Yours!

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I need some tips on containers or set up to use for my work desk. I reached that anti-clutter OCD tipping point tonight and just cleared everything off until I can come up with something.

I need to store / house some small tools (but not in a box), cleaning supplies, patches, oil/lube, etc., etc.

Post some pictures of your work area and let's hear your suggestions.
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'intervention' lol

My work area is essentially an old dining room table (link), inside, so no pegboard options for me.

Did some searching around last night, and will try to go vertical I think; wire baskets, stackable, with sliding drawers, and some other small wire/mesh organizers to the smaller bits, tools, patches, rods, cleaners and lube.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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