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have a used lift that I had on a 85 K10 I had a few years back. I believe it is a Tuff Country kit, 4" blocks for the rear with replacement leafs for the front. The springs have poly bushings in them that are still good. The lift wasn't on my truck for long, I removed it because it was a bit too tall for what I was using the truck for and went back to stock.

No shocks or brake lines with this, but I believe I have all the U bolts, I know for sure I have the u-bolts for the blocks, the front springs I have an assortment which will go with it.

Nothing wrong with it except the springs could probably use a coat of paint but won't hurt anything the way they are.

Looking for $75. Price is very negotiable and if you want to trade, .22, 12ga, .45, .380, 17 HMR are some ammo considerations. Or reloading supplies.

Located in Morrisville, NC.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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