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WTS: AR15 w/Primary Arms Micro Dot

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SOLD: AR15 w/Primary Arms Micro Dot

Hello, I decided to sell my AR15 because I just don't get out and shoot enough and when I do I prefer to shoot pistols. I've fired maybe 100 rounds through this so its in fairly "new" condition.

Only partial trades accepted would be Ruger MK III pistols (bull barrels)

Specifics are:
Dpms lower
Delton 14.5 inch 1 in 7 twist chrome lined barrel with yhm phantom flashhider (permanently attached)
R guns stainless lower parts
R guns upper
UTG Rail
FN carrier and bolt (army issue)
Magpul stock, Magpul rail covers, Magpul MIAD grip, Magpul ASAP and Magpul BUIS, Magpul front grip, Magpul trigger guard
Primary Arms Micro Dot - I hour total use
Also comes with 1 standard USGI magazine.

I am looking for SOLD for the above. I'd sell the rifle without the PA Micro Dot for $SOLD but will not part out the Micro Dot without selling the rifle.

I also have a CMMG .22 bolt and 2 .22 mags for sale as well. That will be priced at $125

I also have 5 Magpul (window) mags for sale. Some were used 1X and then stored unloaded. Some are totally unused. 3 of them have ranger plates on them. Looking for $SOLD for all 5 of these.


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edited - any other trades besides Ruger? I have a Sig Sauer 357 NCSHP issue pistol with case and 3 mags (plus ammo) I would trade?
Primarily looking for a Ruger pistol as that is something that my son could probably shoot.
this is a 357 Sig - not a magnum. My 13 year old son has shot it. Plus its a bit of a valuable piece. I see them selling for 750-900 depending on condition - mine is in excellent condition.
Rifle, Red Dot and Mags sold to Scott
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