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Update 6/15: Price reduced to $230.

Update 6/9: Trades added (Kestrel weather meter, laser rangefinder).

Update 6/1: Price reduction to $250.

Update 5/11: Trades added - Barnes VOR-TX 180gr 300 Win. Mag., Hornady Precision Hunter 178gr ELD-X 308 Win.

For sale is a like new in box Larue Tactical OBR 7.62 Deluxe Parts Kit, including a second magazine spring/follower, and a second firing pin and firing pin spring ($29 new).

Box has been opened in inspect contents, but all parts from the factory are included, as well as an extra magazine spring and follower, and an extra firing pin and firing pin spring (two total mag spring/followers, and two total firing pins). All parts are brand new, unused.

The kit includes:
- Complete factory-assembled Bolt Assembly
- (Bolt, Extractor, Extractor Retaining Pin, Extractor Spring, Extractor Spring Buffer,
- Ejector, Ejector Retaining Pin, Ejector Spring)
- Firing Pin and Spring
- Firing Pin Retaining Pin
- Cam Pin
- Dual Extractor Spring
- Mag Follower and Spring
- Machine Gun Lube
- 1, 3" Picatinny Rail w/ screws
- Wrench (for rail screws)
- Mini vial of Blue Loctite

Condition: New, unused. Open box.
Location: Cary, NC
Price: $230 shipped.
Trades: 7 boxes of Barnes VOR-TX 180gr in 300 Win. Mag., 9 boxes of Hornady Precision Hunter 178gr ELD-X in 308 Win.
Payment Options: Cash, Check, Money Order (USPS MO, Money Gram MO, etc.)

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