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WTS LNIB Kahr CW45 w/ extra 7 rnd mag,Traded!!!

I have less than a month old new Kahr CW45 just bought it took it to the range and it shot 75 rounds of 230 grain ball and no problems what so ever I love the way it shoots the only reason why i want to get rid of it is because of the arthritis in my hands and swelling in the joints I can not get my big paws on it comfortably and it is just to small even with a slip on grip for me,need a mid size grip like a glock 19 or 23 for my hands now {old age starting to catch up with me} looking to sell for what I got in all paper work including warranty card you can register as original owner gun ,6 rnd mag,and ext. 7 round mag.will sell all of it local in South east NC for $ local and fed laws apply..This gun was brand new and still is really with only 75 rounds threw it.The gun shoots right along with my full size sig p220 at to 50 feet..I just can not grip it right with my hands anymore.feel free to make me an offer and or trade offer let me know what you got,thanks Ronnie.. Traded!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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