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C-130 Puddle Pirate
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Ive had this stock on my AR for about 2 years now, and just want to go to something a little lighter now that I don't have a .450Bushmaster to use with it.

It is used and shows a few signs of it, but it has not been abused and is still in great shape. Was purchased new by me from DSG arms, Had an Enhanced Buttpad put on it before it was put on the rifle and the pad has never been removed.

Got pics of the worst scratches I could find, but even those aren't bad, and it took awhile to get the pictures to show them up. Only major imperfection on it is the Flathead screw that secures the stock to the buffer tube, where I slipped when I was putting it on, but its not really seen when the stock is on.

Will come with everything in the picture, and maybe the box if I still have it, no promises on the box though.

Looking for $200shipped/OBO. USPS MO or PP +4% or gift.

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