Have to make up for a few impulse buys, yawl know how it goes.
Gew88. Yes indeed, the bolt head is there. I worked up a nice holosun mount for it that replaces the rear sight that Ill throw in there for kicks ;)

Dont mind a little bit of travel towards the center of the state.

Primarily looking to sell, but...
  • need a couple 1903 parts (handguard, type 6 or 7 remington rear sight assembly, front sight ensemble, milled swivels, mid to late bolt)
  • m73 / m82 repro glass
  • luger mag
  • quality qd sling
  • wood AR stock
  • wood M1918 BAR stock set
  • Astra 400 frame ironically enough
  • gew98 barrel/bolt
  • imperial officer hat in olive
  • AR straight single stage trigger
  • middle of the road glass for some modest long range shooting
  • have a fancy for modern vintage Stars & Astras
  • pitchfork
  • pity
  • lee 6.5cm die set
  • reasonable chainsaw
  • reasonable banjo
  • rossi/taurus 357, 5 or 6"
  • standard lynx 12g
  • Star ultrastar
  • Nagant revolver
  • turknelli m4orgery: Panzer Arms / SDS
  • galil ? :p

Bill of sale. Drop me a message, I like to talk.
$600 cash $675 trade value
Wood Plant Tree Table Window

Wood Trigger Shotgun Air gun Musical instrument

Wood Shotgun Trigger Air gun Hardwood

Wood Twig Line Hardwood Metal