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Getting out of the M1A game, so up for sale is my baby.

This was built from the receiver up to be more or less a DMR gun. Receiver came off a standard M1A. I do not know who the rifle was built by, I bought it second hand. I do know that the individual was a US Army shooting team armorer in the 70's and 80's and this gun has several of the features used back in the day. The trigger group is all USGI and tuned to a perfect 4lb break. The gas system is unitized via the screw method. The barrel is heavy profile 1:10" twist and is blued, I believe it's Criterion. Oprod is a Winchester, bolt is forged SA. Scope mount is a bassett high, and a Leupold VXII 3x9x40 tactical sits on it. Stock is a vintage Boyd's M21 type, but it is NOT opened up for a rear lug like most of these. It has never been bedded. For a non-bedded gun, this rifle shoots very, very well. Holds a consistent 1MOA with 168gr Sierra match kings. Function is flawless in every aspect, scope is zeroed and ready to rock and roll. Comes with an OM and BRW-S1 marked mags and sling.

Selling whole package for $1900 shipped, will also trade for 18" or 20" AR-15s or other .308 rifles plus cash. Email at [email protected] for more pics or info.


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