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I have a TC Encore ss muzzleloader barrel up for sell. I have found myself in quite a situation. I have two TC Encore rifles both with muzzleloader barrels. One is the blued version with the walnut stock and the other is ss with the composite stock. I want to keep the ss receiver and stock for sure. Thus, I am going to offer up the ss muzzleloader barrel. If someone wants to buy the ss barrel then I will keep the blued version as my black powder rifle and then buy some other caliber barrels for the ss version. I have also listed the blued version rifle up on the long guns thread. If the blued rifle is bought then I will remove this ss barrel and just use the ss version for black powder and other calibers. Main reason I am doing this is because I like both versions and I cannot make a decision. I figured I would let fate choose for me.

Recap: TC Encore SS muzzleloader barrel (209 x 50) only for $325.00. It is in very good condition and has probably been fired less than a dozen times. I will try to post some pictures tonight. It will be withdrawn if the blued TC Encore is purchased by someone first.

Transaction will have to be FTF in the Raleigh/Clayton/Garner area.
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