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WTS/WTT Rabbit Ear Belgian Shotgun

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WTS/WTT Rabbit Ear Mantoit,Belgian Shotgun. $150
This shotty is a Rabbit ear, double Barrel, 12Ga., Double Trigger, under lever, in good condition. Has Extractors, not ejectors. It is manufactured by Mantoit in Belgium. While it appears to be in good working condition, I would recommend using as a wall hanger. There is a stain on the buttstock that may look like a crack in the pix. It is not cracked. The Barrels are not Damascus.

FTF Greensboro,NC only, no travel for me. Cross Posted.

Possible trade interests:
.357-38 sp. handgun
AR10 DPMS pattern parts
AR15 " " "
AR10 DPMS pattern 80% lower/Jig prefer one that uses a router to complete
Polymer 80, gen 2 AR10 or Glock lower with jig and bits
FAL Metric pattern parts
1911 80% frame/jig
Other gun stuff
All trades +-$


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I suppose I'll take that your non-answer as a "no".

A short "no thank you" would have been sufficient...
I'm sorry I just saw your post. What kind of ammo and quantity do you propose?
I have a little bit of everything - kept in sealed cans w/dessicant. 5.56/.223 (30 cents a round) or .45 Auto (50 cents) or any combination. Also have some .40 caliber.
Thanks lowcountry, but no thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts