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WTS/WTT:SPF Red dot & GGG 1/2" riser for AR

I`m building a ltwt "hiking" AR and mounted this WallyWorld Red-Dot (Center Point, $49.95) on this GG&G standard length riser ($75 ) and stuck it on top of my AR....$125+tx & freight in a sight I never used...

Changed my mind and installed a set of magpul flip-ups on it, allowing it to slip into a scabbard on the side of my pack. I never fired a round under this Red-Dot....(IIRC, there is no magnification in this sight).has very SLIGHT scuff on edge of windage adj cover...has red/green dot, adj for brightness, and flip-up caps

Spf.....$85 shipped USPS.....and I`ll throw in a spare Energizer #1620 battery in the unopened package

trades? USGI AR mags, M14 mags, 1911 mags, 450 Bushmaster mags, Walther P22 mags, ammo(45/223/556/308/30 carbine/762x54 silvertip ball/357mag) or????

post here "I`ll take it" then email me...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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