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I'll try to post pics by tonight. In the interim: my rifle looks pretty much like an AR-15.

This would be a FTF deal within about a half an hour of Winston Salem, give or take. All laws obeyed to the letter.

I've got a Palmetto State Armory M4-style AR-15 in 5.56. I have fired just about 60 rounds through it: it had zero issues, with a variety of ammo. So, the rifle is your standard milspec 16" barrel, 1 in 7 twist rifle. It has a Magpul stock, pistol grip & handguard, and a detachable carry handle w/ peep sight. Chrome barrel and chamber, M4 feed ramps, full auto bolt carrier, etc. Proper staking on gas key and castle nut, the whole nine yards. It's the real deal. A really great rifle. It comes with one PSA marked metal 30 round magazine.

I consider the value of this rifle with the one magazine to be approximately $825. I guess maybe I should wait a little while and ask two grand, but I'd rather try to be fair. I paid just about $900+tax at Best Firearms awhile back.

I am looking for a genuine Marlin 1894 in 357mag. I have no interest in Remlins. The rifle should be in excellent condition. If you've got a good peep sight, I'd certainly consider that to add significantly to the value of your rifle. By my way of thinking, the value of an excellent Marlin is 'round about $600, give or take, so I'd be expecting some cash to come along with it. I'm also very interested in a NAA revolver in 22lr, with the 1 1/8 inch barrel, ideally. I have Pmags and PMC bronze 55gr 223 ammo that we can talk about making a deal on, too, if you're interested.

It's possible that I'd just sell the AR, but I'd really rather try to work out a trade.
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