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I have for sale my HK G36k conversion done by Tom Bostic. The rifle started life as a black SL8-6. The rear stub and all other K parts came from a police trade in FA G36K which allegedly had <500 rounds through it. I have no real way to confirm this other than the parts looked to be in excellent shape. All work was done by Tommybuilt in 2015. It shoots great, just looking to get into the bullpup game. Includes the following:

G36C top rail with XS trititim front sight
G36C length stock w/ cheek riser
4x Magpul G36 mags
FBI trigger group w/ SL8 internals
XM8 style improved mag release and bolt release
Full length lower pic rail
G36KV style barrel with flash hider and bayonet lug, pinned and welded to 16.5"
SL8 flat top pic rail (not pictured)

Primarily looking for a 556 MDRX + cash in trade. I may also take a Bren 2 in x39 + cash. May consider other trades but not looking for any basic ARs or AKs. I also have the original K barrel I could include for extra if buyer is interested. Cash price is $4200 (currently SPF). Thanks for looking

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